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Ghana, Burkina Faso to deepen collaboration in fight against terrorism


Ghana’s Ministry of Information on Thursday said Ghana and Burkina Faso have reaffirmed their commitment to deepen their collaboration in the fight against terrorism.

The statement came after the Ghanaian National Security Minister Albert Kan-Dapaah’s one-day visit to the neighboring country Ghana.

Kan-Dapaah said in the statement that the two countries reviewed the strong cooperation between them.

“We discussed concrete support that Ghana has advocated for Burkina Faso in the Accra Initiative and Economic Community of West African States, with a call on the West African states to act expeditiously on the matter,’’ the minister.

He said the two countries also highlighted the importance of building resilience in vulnerable communities and aiding those displaced and those who have lost livelihoods, calling for genuine partnerships with the international community for the initiative.

The minister said the two countries reaffirmed their support for a joint fight against terrorism and welcomed the operationalisation of the Accra Initiative to defeat the terrorists.

According to him, the terrorists have brought untold hardship and pain to the people of Burkina Faso.


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