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Ghanaian government again threatens plastic ban


Accra- Ghanaian Government has again on Tuesday in Accra threatened to ban plastic production if manufacturers do not agree and implement their sustainable disposal.
Environment Minister, Mr Mahama Ayariga, said it has continued to pose environmental hazard in the country and gave the producers six months to solve the sanitation problems caused by plastics or face a blanket ban on production.
“Plastics have choked drains and waterways and are one of the causes of floods in the cities.
“Plastics are used for packaging, carrier bags, water bottles and sachet drinking water,’’ he said.
Ayariga said government ordered a ban on the use of some plastic products in November, but suspended the directive after a pledge by manufacturers to take measures such as provision of litter bins to reduce poor disposal.
He said they have failed to implement them.
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The minister is now charging the manufacturers of lack of commitment to combat the plastic filth.
“There is an understanding that the flexy plastic manufacturers will work out a strategy with us on how to keep the environment clean from their products such as helping with sanitation management.
“They have also promised to provide litter bins and help in reducing waste especially plastic waste,’’ he said.
The minister threatened that these should be looked at immediately, or government would ban them. (PANA/NAN)

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