Govt participation will improve dance art, says GOND president

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LAGOS – The President, Guild Nigerian Dance (GOND), Steve James, Thursday said that the participation of government in its programmes could take the dance art to a higher level.

“At least a little attention should be given to it, for the dance act to in tremendously, “he said.
James told the News Agency Nigerian (NAN) in that government support was needed in provision of  infrastructure.

He said that the GOND’s vision was to create new connections to dance by staging compelling works.

“That will be highly engaging in ways that not only entertain, but resonate emotionally with the audience watching them but there is no standard studio to do that.

“ We are dedicated to producing and presenting inspiring new dance, even in our tertiary institutions, where dance graduates come out yearly there are no standard dance studios.

“Dance arts if well established will provide an excellent training for children and adults in different genres.[eap_ad_2]

“Dance arts provides an excellent environment for development human soul and body, it keeps it fit and healthy, we need to be serious with it,” he said.
The president added that if the government had been involved, it would have reduced the burden the dancers and youths.

“That is if there had been an established studio for students and youths, that will make them proud to work in a friendly environment.

“We don’t have the finance to do all these by ourselves, having a standard studio; so that we can nurture, maintain the passion and love for dance which is very vital.

“With good studio it will be easy to teach different genres dance art, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Aerial, Broadway, Acro-Tricks, Conditioning, Combo classes and a full of adult friendly classes.

“Governments is suppose to offer scholarships, we can have unique opportunity to train intensively and improve performance and technique.

“So that dance art power, beauty and humour can be shared with its broad audience. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]