How ‘drunk soldiers’ allegedly killed three, injured six

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Soldiers drafted to secure Kara market have allegedly killed three people and injured six.

The incident occurred on Monday during the Isheri Day Festival in Ogun State.

The Nation learnt that the festival was held at the Local Government Primary School, Isheri Olofin.

The villagers told our correspondent yesterday that before two of the soldiers, who escorted Babalola Tirimusiu, the son of the market owner, arrived the venue of the festival, they were allegedly drunk, adding that the soldiers harassed people, slapping and pushing some to create access for their principal, Tirimusiu.

Among the victims were Nurudeen Jimoh alias Tayese, alleged to have been shot and taken to Gent-Gilbert Hospital in Isheri, where the soldiers allegedly saw him when they came for their injured colleague and stabbed him to death.

Other victims were identified as Adelani Dare, allegedly shot dead while urinating about 300 metres from the venue; an unnamed guest alleged to have been hit in the chest by bullet. He allegedly died while being taken to hospital; as well as Saheed Ojekunle, Rasheed Adeleke and one old man identified as Michael, who sustained injuries.

Recalling how the soldiers allegedly stabbed his brother to death at the hospital, Saheed Jimoh said they were four. He alleged that they dragged him on the floor while stabbing him.

Jimoh alleged that the soldiers also pointed a gun at the doctor, who was treating the victim, adding that a friend of his, who helped in taking his brother to hospital, was stabbed in the hand and he fled.

He said: “Tayese was my younger brother. We were having our carnival here and it was very peaceful until Tiri (Tirimusiu) brought in the soldiers. I heard that they had been drinking at a hotel before they came to our carnival.

“The two soldiers and Tiri were drunk before they entered the primary school venue. They slapped people when they got to the venue.

“Before they killed my brother, they had already shot a man in the leg. I ran for safety. It was while I was running that I heard my brother had been shot and his intest

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