I Am Not Making Music For Nigeria, Iyanya Says In Responds To Criticism

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Nigerian superstar singer, Iyanya has responded to recent criticism from fans about inability his new singles to achieve instant success by revealing that his new songs are made for Nigeria.
The ‘Le Kwa Ukwu’ singer, rose to stardom the continued success of his hit songs, including ‘Sexy Mama’, ‘Kukere’, ‘Your Waist’. But now working a new album, his recent singles ‘Le Kwa Ukwu’, and ‘Away’, have experienced some difficulties, failing to gain massive acceptance among his Nigerian fans. Worse still, the songs attracted some level of criticism on social media.
In an interview on PulseTV Chatville, Iyanya responded to questions by revealing that his new songs are not meant for Lagos.
“I’m not all about them not really feeling these ones, but the thing is, I am not just a Lagos artiste. I’m dropping songs for everybody. I’ve got fans in Congo, fans all over Africa. Even this year, my shows are not even in Nigeria, so I’m just doing music.” Iyanya replied.
Iyanya is set to drop a new album this year, but with the absence of a hit single, the odds are that he might struggle to replicate his initial success.