I don’t have a Facebook account, says Amuneke

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EMMANUEL Amuneke (MON), Golden Eaglets’ Head coach, has categorically denied having a Facebook account, saying he should not be associated with an impostor the social web. A certain person has for long been parading himself as the 1994 African Footballer of the Year on Facebook but Amuneke said it was nothing but a fictitious account since he’s not on any for that matter. “I’m not Facebook and I’m not ashamed of saying so,”Amuneke said. “The only thing I do on my phone is receiving calls and at worst, use the short message service (sms), but count me out of anything outside that.”

[eap_ad_1] Amuneke said it was unfortunate that ‘one clown’ would be using his personality in order to deceive unsuspecting members of the public, warning Nigerians to be wary of the impersonator. As at the last check, the copycat claimed Amuneke attended Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) amongst other things. “I’m not Facebook, I don’t tweet and in fact, I don’t have any account,” Amuneke maintained. “I don’t have the for such and my colleagues here know I’m not part of the crowd social network. “Any Emmanuel Amuneke with my photograph on Facebook is a fraud and I’m using this to warn the public so that nobody fools them,” Amuneke added.