I formed all-girls band to encourage Nigerian girls to have role models, says Nigerian Idol winner

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– Yeka Onka, the winner the first Nigerian Idol music talent hunt, said she formed an all-girl music band because she wanted to encourage every girl- to have a role model.

Yeka told the News Agency (NAN) on in that she wanted to be unique by doing something different what others were doing in the entertainment industry.

Yeka (Onyeka Onwuka) won the ‘Nigerian Idol’ contest sponsored by the nation’ telecommunications outfits, Etisalat in 2011.

“Unfortunately in , they expect every tall, slim looking girl to be a model or be into fashion, but didn’t choose

music, music chose me.


“So, just fell in it and ran the groove and here am enjoying what I’m doing.

have an all-girl band and did that because really wanted to stand out the crowd.

“I just wanted to create a different name for myself and I wanted a situation where every Nigerian girl- would have a role model.

“When I young, I always wanted to play an instrument; my parents were actually musicians but I too stubborn to settle down and just learn .

“So, growing and becoming a musician, I’m like, okay, how about I just have an all-girl band and that’ cool.“

Yeka also disclosed that she working on a of songs and videos that would be released in coming weeks. (NAN)