I regret supporting Kanu, with him there is no hope for Biafrans – Asari Dokubo

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Founder Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, has expressed regret for supporting Indigenous People , .

According to , Dokubo claimed Kanu has derailed Biafran struggle.

agitator, who said he’s a Biafran and believes its struggle, maintained that IPOB not any struggle for restoration of .

Dokubo said, “ gives me regret that my life I ever associated with a person called . That when he in , I came out to defend him. In fact, my greatest regret is associating with . I can’t peace with somebody like him. ’s a foreclosed issue because he has nothing to offer other than to derail struggle.

“With Nnamdi Kanu, there’s no hope for . Those of us who get close to him know he’s not fighting for any . Nnamdi Kanu is just one individual in , so, we shouldn’t him important, he’s not. He’s just like everyone one of us.

“He’s not in any struggle. Whatever spell he has cast the Igbo will be removed very soon and their eyes will open. When he in trouble, all of us came out to defend him because an injury to one is an injury to all. We risked lives by speaking in support of him, for him to be released from and for him not to be killed.

“Now, he sees those of us who fought his behalf for his freedom as his followers. Some of us regret ever lending voice. We would have left him to rot in because he’s caused more harm to Biafra struggle than anyone else.”

When asked how Kanu has caused more harm than good to the Biafra struggle, the of the Ijaw Youth Council said, “Listen to him! Don’t you listen to his broadcast? His insults to every Igbo person that disagrees with him? He has also extended his insults to other tribes including the Ijaw people.

“How can you bring unity to the people by abusing and attacking their leaders? Is Biafra struggle an Igbo struggle? He’s making an Igbo struggle. The Biafra Nnamdi Kanu is pursuing will be worse than Southern if he to promote Igbo hegemony over and above Ijaw hegemony, Ibibio hegemony, and so .”