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I Spend N.5m To Do My Hair – Muma Gee


Nigerian female singer and actress, Gift Iyumame Eke, the one everyone knows as Muma Gee, has stirred the hornet’s nest by revealing that she spends as much as N500,000 to do her hair, using as much as 11 packs of real human hair in the process.
Her revelation has brought up a lot of talking points with many condemning such extravagant display of money, while some think since it is her money, she is free to spend it any how she wants.
In an interview, Muma Gee who gave birth to a set of twins recently, said:
I invest a lot in my hair. A lot of cash, energy and time go into my hair. It takes like eight hours to get my hair done.
“Basically, it is a special and patient person that can do my hair. Not everybody has the patience or can be meticulous enough to do my hair.
“The hair piece alone costs a lot of money, especially in these days of human hair. I normally use 11 packs of human hair and each piece is not less than N60,000.
“At the end of the day, I end up spending about N500,000 to do my hair at once. It is actually the hair pieces that can go for that amount and those hair pieces can last for years. I have had hair extensions that have lasted for over 10 years.
“Each time I remove the weaves, I take it to hair companies and they treat the hair and they are as good as new.” (Pulse)

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