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I won’t stop contesting elections until I win – Tonto Dikeh


Tonto Dikeh, the popular Nollywood actress and deputy governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress in 2023 gubernatorial election in Rivers State, expressed her determination to continue contesting until she achieves her ambition.

Speaking at the GOTNI national leadership conference in Abuja, she acknowledged the challenges of politics, describing it as a dirty game where fairness is not to be expected.

Despite this, she emphasized her resilience and commitment to return to the political arena every four years, undeterred by the opinions of others.

Dikeh believes that Nigerian youth, who are striving for a better future, need strong leadership.

Dikeh highlighted her experience as a contestant for the position of Deputy Governor of Rivers State under the ADC.

Older politicians initially underestimated her, assuming she was not serious.

However, she made it clear to them that she was there to fight for her cause.

Although she may not have won, she takes pride in challenging influential figures like Governor Wike.

She believes that the lack of leadership skills among the youth is a reason why older politicians do not take them seriously.

Dikeh acknowledged that during the #EndSARS protests, the absence of leadership hindered progress.

Drawing from her involvement with the GOTNI Leadership Centre, she emphasized the importance of having a leader and a structure to effectively drive change.

The CEO of GOTNI Leadership Centre, in his remarks, pointed out that many leaders in Nigeria lack the necessary training to effectively fulfill their roles.

The conference aimed to address this gap by providing leadership development opportunities for managers and executives in public and private organizations.

Through thought-provoking panel discussions and cutting-edge conversations, the conference sought to reinforce the importance of leadership development for both organizational and national leaders.

The CEO emphasized that sustainable leadership capital is crucial for the progress of any institution. Without proper leadership principles and values, organizations risk failure and losing their potential for growth.

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