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Impact of social shopping on e-commerce in Nigeria


By Tomiwa Oladele

With e-commerce integration into Facebook and plans in place for other social networks, brands have seen the need to adjust their social media marketing strategies to accomodate this trend

But what does this giant leap say about the future of e-commerce in Nigeria?

Over time social media has become a significant tool for marketers. Companies use the visual characteristics of social network to attract fans, promote images of their products, and create viral campaigns in hope to influence consumers purchasing decisions.

The shop-now button on Facebook for instance radically transforms marketing as we know it by compressing the traditional funnel of awareness to purchase.

According to Kaymu’s Head of Social Media and Community Africa, Abiola Fabio, “social shopping is a breakthrough in how businesses market and sell to consumers. Among the social networks, Facebook dominates as a source of social traffic and sales and accounted for over 36,000 orders on Kaymu in the first quarter of this year”.
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In the past social media was seen as a platform to create content for consumers while building an audience for it through advertising. However the shop button has significantly shifted the social network’s role in the relationship between consumers and businesses, and has huge impact on the path-to-purchase.

With the growing popularity of social shopping in Nigeria, the e-commerce industry is expected to align with the trend in order to provide the best shopping experience for their consumers.

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