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Indians discard idols for inability to protect them from COVID-19 affliction (+video)


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Confronted by the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic and amid reports of thousands of fatalities being recorded daily, Indians have, in disappointment, turned their back on their gods for failing to protect and preserve them in a time of affliction.

A video of a truck disposing thousands of idols of gods lying on a river bank in India has been doing the rounds on the social media.

In the video (watch it hereunder), which has since gone viral, a truck is seen disposing the idols on a river bank, which were apparently discarded by their worshippers who didn’t properly dispose them..

According to a Shia World News presenter, the idols were thrown away by their worshippers because the gods that they sacrificed themselves for could not protect them from the coronavirus.

The presenter said: “A large number of Indians have thrown the idols of the gods they worship on the streets as the numbers of coronavirus virus infections and that skyrocket in the country.

“Indians have expressed their anger towards the gods that they worship and sacrificed themselves for but the idols can not protect them from the coronavirus.

“They pray to the idols because they believe that it could save them but they finally discovered that it could not do anything and hence they destroyed it.

“The number of virus in India has be reaching a record of 3,780 and the total number of infection has exceeded 20 million.

“Indians health system has struggled to cope with the recent wave of COVID-19 with patients dying in hospital and parking lots from lack of oxygen.”

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