Insecurity: ‘Why are they waiting for me? – Buhari blasts state governors, youths

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President lashed at some state governors.

He also tackled Nigerian youths on Thursday, in an interview with , his first TV interview in several years.

According to Buhari, Governors should sit and handle the worsening insecurity in their respective states, instead waiting for him.

The President warned youths to behave themselves and ensure the nation is secured if they want jobs in the country.

Buhari said that no investor can invest in an unsecured environment, a situation he quite agreed is currently bedevilling the nation at the moment.

President Buhari bemoaned the spate violence in the country blaming the EndSARS protesters for the lack investments and jobs in the country.

“About 200 buses bought by the former Lagos were burnt by restive youths. would go and invest in such an environment? Nobody. It is just common sense.

told them to tell the youths if they want jobs they should behave themselves, make Nigeria secure so that can come and invest. Nigeria is resourceful, everybody knows that, God has really endowed us.”

Buhari passing the security buck back to the governors said governors having security issues in their states should not just sit back after winning and expect to do their jobs for them.

He advised them to revert to the traditional ways of tackling insecurity by involving traditional institutions and community that are very effective at the local level.

According to the President, the governors should be able to tackle these security situations because they have “very effective traditional institutions” and security systems at the state and local levels.