Insurgency: Cameroonian PM for London summit on Boko Haram

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DOUALA – Cameroonian , Philémon Yang, has been invited by British Foreign Affairs Minister, Nic Hailey, to another round of international conference on insurgents.

meeting this time around would be held in London, sources said on Wednesday in Douala.

The meeting which is scheduled for June 12 is a follow- to the May 17 summit held in Paris exclusively on insecurity in Nigeria,

The London ministerial meeting is to evaluate the progress so far made on the action plan of Paris.

They will evaluate what Nigeria and its neighbouring countries — Chad, Niger, Benin and Cameroon — have done to fight the insurgents.

In Cameroon, where security forces are already at war with , huge wares have been deployed to the borders to carry out surveillance and prevent further abduction of foreign nationals.

Earlier, three religious figures abducted for than a month, were released last weekend, the same time the Cameroonian Army killed 40 fighters in armed clashes. (PANA/NAN)