Italy to intensify fight against trafficking of persons

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LAGOS – Consul- Italy in Nigeria, Mr Stefano Leo, on Sunday  disclosed his Government’s plan intensify its fight against Nigerians being trafficked into Italy.

Stefano told News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that it dangerous and criminal for young Nigerians allow themselves be brought into Italy illegally.

consul- said that Italian government had evolved preventive and sanctions aimed at fighting inhuman act.

“Young Nigerians should know that more than ever, it is dangerous come into Italy illegally or allow themselves be trafficked into the country.


“They need to know that in into Italy remains a criminal act.

“The Italian Government is, therefore, more than ever committed to intensifying its fight against the Nigerians into Italy.

“The Italian Government continue to support the Nigerian Government’s efforts at ensuring that Nigerians travel legally,’’ he said.

Stefano said that his country working closely the Nigerian security agencies and INTERPOL, in the arrest and persecution of engaged in the criminal act.

The Envoy also disclosed the Italian Government’s plan to intensify checks across its borders and strategic locations.

“There no longer be hiding places for traffickers and those being trafficked anymore in Italy.

“So, we young Nigerians to brought illegally into Italy to know that the fight against in is on and continue.

“Young Nigerians should, therefore, not allow themselves to be trafficked, but can travel to Italy legally,’’ he added. (NAN)