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Iwalewa Books releases book on Yoruba deities


Iwalewa Books, a publishing house for art and discourse, has released a new book on Yoruba deities.

The 208-page book entitled Who’s who in the Yoruba Pantheon! is written by Peju Akande, Toni Kan, Jahman Anikulapo and accompanied by illustrations by visual artist and newspaper editor, Abdulkareem Baba Aminu.

It is filled with facts and fun and answers every question about Yoruba gods and goddesses.

It features deities including Ògún, Sàngó, Ọya, Ọbà, Ọbàtálá, Ọrúnmìlà, Èsù, Soponná, Olókun, Ajé, Aganjù, Ọsanyìn, Yemoja, Osun, Morèmi and Òsóosì

Currently available at Lagos bookstores including Bloom Art, Quintessence, Ouida Books and Jazzhole, ‘Who’s who in the Yoruba Pantheon’ busts some myths about popular Yoruba gods. It notes, for instance, that Èsù most definitely is not Satan.

A notice announcing the book’s release also indicated that an e-version is available on iwalewabooks.com.

Based in Bayreuth, Germany, and Johannesburg, South Africa, Iwalewa Books, through some series, dedicates its publications to questions about aesthetic, social discourses, the politics of collecting and debates about archives, and artistic and academic positions from the Global South.

All its publications are based on the conviction that creating books is an aesthetic and collective endeavour. Hence it produces volumes in collaboration with research projects and cultural and societal initiatives.

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