Jawbone adds food-tracking to its wristbands

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SAN FRANCISCO – Jawbone, maker of wireless headsets and wristbands, is pushing a -tracking hopes will catch on health-conscious weight-watchers.

In a move grow its share of nascent wearables , San Francisco-based company on Wednesday introduced features its main wearable gadget, called .

Jawbone users can log , water and assess healthiness of foods, Andrew Rosenthal said. app also offers a list of restaurant menus and a library, making easier for check calorie counts before placing an order. Those a specific health and fitness goal in mind can app to track progress.
The wristband also tracks metrics like steps taken and hours slept.

, we can track the calories you consume and burn,” said Rosenthal. The goal for the Jawbone system, he added, is to put “all this data in context.”

Jawbone competes rivals like Fitbit, which accounted for nearly half of the world’s 2.7 million wearable band shipments in the first quarter of 2014, according to firm Canalys.

Many industry executives expect Apple Inc to release an iWatch replete with health and fitness-tracking sensors.

Jawbone reportedly raised $250 million in venture funding last February. In April of 2013, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer joined the company’s board. (Reuters)[eap_ad_3]