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Journalist who reported Amini case arrested in Iran


Nilufar Hamedi

TEHRAN- Iranian journalist, Nilufar Hamedi, was on Friday  arrested in Tehran because for being the first to publicise the case of Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody a week ago.

According to critics, it was alleged that the police used violence against Amini,the police have rejected the accusations.

Since her death, thousands of people have been demonstrating across the country against the repressive policies of the government.

Hamedi, is journalist from the reform newspaper Shargh

The paper reported that two other reporters, a photographer and a political activist were arrested in connection with the protests.

They were said to be at the notorious Evin prison in Tehran.

Amini, 22, was arrested by morality police because her outfit did not adhere to the country’s standards for women’s attire. (dpa/NAN)