Judo referee advises all to practise martial arts

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LAGOS – Alexandra De Souza, an international gold batch certified judo referee, on Friday advised the public to practice martial arts because their tremendous advantages and health benefits.

De Souza told the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that martial arts, especially judo, trained in the art falling thereby minimising injury that one could get domestic accidents.

“If I were the world president, I would advise that every human-being practice sport, particularly judo; in judo, they train you in the art falling. [eap_ad_1] “And if you recall many accidents happen at home, may be you fall down.

“The thing that causes a lot permanent disabilities or death is usually when they fall, they fall dangerously and that will affect them

“But if you learn martial arts, you are taught the art falling.

“So any time you fall down, you just get up again and you are still hale and hearty; so I think for longevity and for proper health for every individual let them do martial arts.“

The referee said that people should not relent in their efforts to exercise regularly because “it brings a sense well-being and improves body posture.’’ (NAN)[eap_ad_4]