Kate Henshaw goes into politics, to contest for House of Reps

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, Kate Henshaw has joined the elite list thespians who have delved into politics..

Henshaw is aspiring to contest for the Federal House Representatives for Calabar Munical/Odukpani Federal Constituency under the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP).

The is likely to be in October.


In a statement posted campaign.ng today (July 19), which is her 43rd , Henshaw, who has a degree in medical microbiology, said: “I have a strong interest and desire to serve my people and especially show that there is a better, more humane way to do things when you are in a leadership. Putting the people first and being accountable to them as well as being accessible.

“I am also very keen to and champion the provision of clean water, good and in my constituency.

“One of my key areas of project focus areas be provison of affordable education and especially for expecting and young mothers.”