Kidney Donation Scam: Nigerian Arrested  In India

By Chibuike Nwabuko  

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Indian Police in  have arrested 32-year-old Nigerian, David Ujma Uba, for allegedly defrauding 20 people of Rs3m (N16.55m) in kidney donation scam.

According to the  Kolkata police, Uba had promised to help his victims secure kidney donations, the Times of India reported on Friday.

The police said Uba had arrived in India in 2013 on a tourist visa and stayed in Kolkata, where he created a fake hospital website and issued an advertisement asking those in need of kidneys to get in touch with him.

But after receiving money from his victims, Uba did not fulfil his promise of securing kidneys for them.

Realising they had been scammed, the victims registered a complaint with the Kolkata Cyber Crime Police in April.

After learning that the police were on his trail, Uba was said to have relocated, first to Tamil Nadu and then to Bengaluru, where he stayed with a friend.

However, the police traced him through his phone’s call record details and arrested him.(Punch).


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