Lady dies 3 weeks after sister was killed in Ikoyi building collapse month to wedding

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A lady by the name Amaka Enekwe has died three weeks after her younger sister, Onyinye, died the Ikoyi building collapse on November 1, 2021.

This was revealed by a Facebook user named Blessed Nasa Eriamah, on Tuesday, who shared the news of Amaka’s death.

Eriamah stated that Amaka was recovering from an illness only die on Monday, November 22, three weeks after her sister.

“Exactly three weeks after the death of your younger sister at the Ikoyi building collapse, you followed her. Losing two daughters a space of three weeks is a pain terrible for a mother to bear,” Eriamah wrote.

“When we visited you on Monday you were recovering only hear of your death today. Amaka why did you follow your sister?

“Your mother is trying be strong, she is trying to hide her pain by singing praises to GOD and laughing when we visited today but she is losing it.”

The younger sister, Onyinye, was among the 43 people said have died the building collapse on Gerrard Road in Ikoyi.

She was preparing for her wedding December and worked as a second personal assistant the Chief Executive Officer of Fourscore Homes, Femi Osibona, who also died in the collapse.