Lagos Approves 6-Month Maternity Leave, 10 Days For Fathers

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has extended maternity leave for female to six months and introduced a 10-day paternity leave for fathers.
head service, Mrs Josephine Williams, speaking at a joint press at Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Alausa today said leave regime meant to reduce the negative implication the extensive work life parents, are the .
“A female shall be entitled to twenty-four weeks maternity leave with full pay case her first two deliveries. said leave shall commence, at least two weeks before expected delivery date; a male , to whom a baby (or babies case of multiple births) is born shall be entitled to 10 working days,” Williams said.[eap_ad_2]
She added that subsequent deliveries by any employees would attract only 12 weeks maternity leave for the female , while the male would not be entitled to the 10-day leave.
The special adviser to the governor on , Dr. Yewande Adeshina, said the six-month leave enable the nursing female servants implement the recommended six months exclusive breast feeding.
She said, “At six months or 24 weeks, a baby is considered strong enough to be left in decent crèche for proper care having gone close affection and nurturing by mother.”[eap_ad_3]