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Love at Obi’s rally! Cheers as man proposes to fiancée at Onitsha march


A dramatic twist was given to the Onitsha edition of the two-million-man march for Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) on Sunday when a young man, suddenly knelt down, pulled out a ring and slipped it into the third finger of his fiancée, to begin a new phase of life in a symbolic fashion.

It was one of the highlights of what has become a fad among Nigerian youths, who have been organising themselves to show solidarity to the former Governor of Anambra State, one of the frontline presidential candidates in the 2023 presidential election.

The Onitsha edition came a day after a similar rally, which had taken place in other cities across Nigeria was held in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, where youths estimated to have shot up to five million from the initial two million took to the streets to espress their support to Peter Obi.

Like Port Harcourt and other editions, streets in Onitsha, were virtually on a lockdown during the period the rally lasted, as the youths from all corners joined the initial procession, swelling the numbers, as a sea of human heads snaking through the city could be seen from a long disatance and could be heard singing and dancing at various stages.

The Onitsha march… Courtesy: PUNCH

The identity of the lovebirds could not be ascertained, but the incident appeared to have excited the crowd as the cheered and congratulated the couple, with ovations echoing wider, after the lady accepted the ring and the two were locked in warm embrace. 

Daily Post, quotes the initiators of the rally, which started at Zik Avenue at about 11am and terminated at Chinua Achebe Stadium, as saying that though the event was partly to prove to those claiming that Obi had no structure wrong, they were actually trying to seize the momentum to plan for their future by electing a person that would best change the course of events in the country for the better.

The Onitsha march…Courtesy: PUNCH

Chibuike Akpotue, the convener of the rally was quoted as saying: “We just want to show the world that Obi has our support, he was born in Onitshpa, he grew up in Onitsha, his businesses are here. So, we decided today to show him solidarity because we were told he does not have structure, we want to tell them we are his structure.

“This is not about the Labour Party. The most important thing is that we want someone that can change the economy of this country. Since I graduated, I did not find any job to do and I went into business, which is not a bad idea.

“We know the amount it cost us to load one truck in 2010 and the amount it is costing now. We know the amount it costs us for the upkeep of our families before 2015 and the amount it is costing us now. So, no one can say that the economy is comfortable for him.

“We are looking for a person that can turn around the economy of this country for good and not a party. Check out Obi’s record as Anambra governor, you will see that he is the only governor that served eight years and yet never had any issue with the EFCC and he goes out without any escort.”

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