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Mabel Makun cries out over state of Lagos passport office

Mabel Makun


Mabel Makun, the wife of renowned Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, has raised concerns about the dilapidated state of the Nigerian immigration passport office.

In an Instagram video shared recently, she expressed her disappointment and called for improvement in the working condition of the office.

Located at 5 Assbifi Road in Agidingbi, Ikeja, Mabel Makun shared her personal experience at the Nigerian Immigration Service passport office, highlighting the need for a better environment for both the officers and the applicants.

Her post drew attention to the dire state of the facilities and the urgent need for renovations.

Nigeria, being one of Africa’s leading oil producers and a major exporter of crude oil and petroleum products to the United States of America, is a country with abundant resources. It currently ranks 11th among the top 20 countries in the world with the highest oil reserves.

Given Nigeria’s economic significance, Mabel Makun emphasised that the conditions at the passport office should reflect the country’s stature and provide a more suitable workspace for its employees.

While Mabel Makun hinted that she had more to say on the matter, she chose to conclude her post, stating, “God bless Nigeria.” Her message resonated with many social media users, who echoed her sentiments and called for immediate action to address the situation.

The outcry from Mabel Makun sheds light on a long-standing issue affecting the Nigerian immigration service and passport office. The office plays a crucial role in processing passports for Nigerian citizens, and its condition impacts both the efficiency of operations and the experiences of applicants.

Improving the state of the passport office is not only necessary for the comfort and well-being of the staff but also for the image of the country. As a nation with vast resources and potential, Nigeria should ensure that its key institutions, such as the immigration service, are equipped to provide quality services to its citizens.

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