Make Your Cardless Withdrawals With Ecobank Mobile Xpress Cash

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By Nse Anthony-Uko
(Sundiata Finance) – The Ecobank Group has upgraded its Mobile App will offer Xpress Cash service. The Xpress Cash service allows access cash from Ecobank Automated Teller Machine (ATMs) using e-Tokens generated from their Mobile App.
The Xpress Cash e-Token gives the customer total control over theirs funds to make convenient withdrawal by self or send to 3rd parties via SMS, email or social media.
Released to the iOS Store and Playstore in August 2017, the Ecobank Mobile App 3.1 incorporates several exciting and innovative features which enables non-Ecobank activate the Mobile app with their debit cards and conduct seamless transactions as well as make digital payments at merchant locations with Masterpass and mVisa the App.
Commenting this new development, Ecobank Nigeria Executive Director, Consumer Banking, Mrs. Carol Oyedeji said “with these exciting and innovative features on the Ecobank Mobile app, will continue to enjoy convenient banking services.
“It strengthens our support towards ensuring financial inclusion for Nigerians. The Cardless Withdrawals the ATMs drastically reduce transaction giving the Bank an opportunity to serve a whole lot more while also driving customer engagement. It has been proven it is more secured when compared to the traditional card based ATM withdrawal as card skimming is totally eliminated,” Oyedeji stated.