Man Axes His Baby Mama For Shrinking His Manhood With Mysterious Powers In Delta

A woman is currently fighting to stay alive after she was attacked with an axe by the father of her children as he accused her of shrinking his manhood to a smaller size.

The woman in her early 30s, identified as Augustina Jowho Broma was struck by her baby daddy, Anthony Edijala, aged 39, after he accused her of using mysterious powers to shrink his p3nis.

He said his male member used to be bigger than its current size but began to shrink after they went their separate ways.

On the day of the incident, Anthony went to his baby mama’s shop in an attempt to see his kids but they had an argument. During the argument, the suspect grabbed an axe and struck Augustina on the head and spine, almost killing her.

Following the attack, an angry mob beat the suspect to a pulp and would have caused further damage but for the timely intervention of some policemen who rushed to the scene

Anthony has since been arrested by the police.

A brother to the victim, Felix Broma disclosed that his sister was rushed to the General Hospital, Ughelli, where she underwent surgery. She is still in the hospital and there are fears she may suffer partial paralysis.


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