Merkel faces questions from lawmakers for last time as chancellor

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Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to face questioning by members of the Bundestag for the last time on Wednesday.

Among other things, she will probably be asked about the government’s Coronavirus policies.

The conservative politician, who had been at the helm of German politics for over 15 years, bows out this year and plans not to run again in the Bundestag elections in September.

The Bundestag meets this week for the last regular session of the legislative period before the elections.

In a question and answer session, the parliament also plans to discuss the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, which began on May 1 and is to be completed by September 11 at the latest.

The Bundeswehr has also been bringing soldiers back to Germany for some time and most of its base in Mazar-i-Sharif has already been handed over to Afghan forces.

Since the beginning of the withdrawal, the Taliban have recaptured 50 districts. Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces and about 400 districts.

The Bundestag also wants to discuss the final report of an investigation committee into motorway tolls and housing policy.