MH17 Black Boxes Reveal ‘Missile Explosion’ Caused Crash in Ukraine

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BY AMANDA WILLS Black box data Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 indicates that the plane crashed as a result of a “missile explosion,” Ukraine defense officials said on Monday.

Pro-Russian , who were early on scene after the crash and closely guarded the site, turned the black boxes to Malaysian authorities last week in the eastern Ukrainian of Donetsk. The flight data and cockpit voice recorders were then sent to the UK for analyzation.

Andriy Lysenko, for the Ukrainian National and Defense Council, said the experts who studied the data told him that the plane crash was caused by “mass explosions decompression as a result of the fragmentation and missile explosion.”

Though the cockpit voice recorder was damaged in the crash, the data was still intact, and there was no evidence that the separatists had tampered the device, as Western officials had feared. [eap_ad_2] Since the Malaysian plane was shot down on July 17, in eastern Ukraine has escalated. The violence has now spilled into the cities and residential areas. As a result, civilian casualties are on the rise, and many people have fled their homes.

The clashes have particularly increased near the crash site, which is about 40 miles Donetsk, making it dangerous for international teams to investigate what little remains of the downed Boeing 777 that was carrying 298 people.

A team of international police on Sunday had planned on searching for the evidence and the remaining victims’ bodies. However, they cancelled their trip after reports of in the area, which Lysenko confirmed in his press conference on Monday as well.

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