MH370: Indian Ocean search for missing plane refined

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Australia says the search for the missing Airlines flight MH370 focus the southern part of the search area in the Indian Ocean.

Officials said further refinement of satellite data found the plane may have turned earlier than thought.

The announcement came as Australia and signed an agreement the search’s next phase, which see the two countries sharing costs.

The Beijing-bound plane disappeared 8 March with 239 onboard.

Based on analysis of satellite data, is believed have ended its journey in seas far west of the Australian city of Perth.

Investigators do know what happened the flight and finding its “black box” flight recorders is seen as key understanding the factors behind its disappearance.

‘Interest and priority’

Australia, which is responsible for search and rescue operations, has been looking for the plane in an area about 1,800km off its west coast.[eap_ad_2] 

The latest detail on the plane’s possible flight path came from an analysis of a failed attempted satellite phone call from Airlines the plane, said Australia’s Deputy Warren Truss.

“The search area remains the same, but some of the information that we now have suggests to that areas a little further to the … are of particular interest and priority,” he told reporters in Canberra.

A Dutch contractor, Fugro Survey, kick off the next phase in the search in September. Three vessels towing underwater vehicles scan for the plane.

The search will focus on an area of about 60,000 sq km and is estimated to cost about A$52m (£29m, $49m).

Malaysia’s Minister Liow Tiong Lai signed the memorandum of understanding with Mr Truss.

The two were also briefed on search efforts, together with China’s Vice-Minister He Jianzhong.

Most of the passengers onboard the flight were . The ministers issued a statement saying they “remain cautiously optimistic” that the plane will be found. (BBC)[eap_ad_3]