Military dislodges Boko Haram from Garkida town, rolls out tanks to repel insurgents

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camThe Military has reclaimed Garkida town from the Boko Haram insurgents who attacked the town last night, displacing some military units and burning down Police stations as well as other target areas.

Residents of Garkida, this morning reports that, the military has rolled out tanks within and around the village as they have now reclaimed the town from the violent hands of the insurgents.

They however said that, the insurgents went with two Hilux vans belonging to the military unit in the ensued battle that lasted hours in the famous Gombi local government area of . [eap_ad_2] They could not give the number of casulties but said they are aware that some of the residents returning from Kwalamba and were killed by the insurgents when they were being confronted by the army.

According to them, the insurgents might have come with specific target, otherwise they would have killed everyone in the village before the military reinforcement.They however, said that the was now calm as the military has taken over the village. (DailyPost)[eap_ad_3]