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Movie industry should proffer solutions to development challenges – entertainer


Lagos – Veteran entertainer, Titlilope Alade-Bamgbala, on Friday said that the movie industry should not only entertain, inform and educate, but should also proffer solutions to development challenges in the country.

Alade-Bamgbala, who is the Chief Executive Officer of HappyBoys Entertainment, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the film industry should produce movies with national interest.

“Films production should be used as an instrument of development and not merely for entertainment.

“Movies, all over the world, have been used major instruments for attaining transformation.

“Film makers must produce movies to foster economic, cultural, social and political consciousness of the people so as to give a voice on how best to increase development, “ he said.

The entertainer, who decried the non-exploitation of movies as a veritable source of development, said the movie industry could be used to raise revenue for national development.

“Over the years, the movie production in the country has promoted more of cultural values and entertainment.

“But today, the movie industry could serve as a veritable tool for transformation of the country,“ he said.

Alade-Bamgbala said that the movie industry had been neglected by nearly all successive governments in Nigeria, but was better exploited by the colonial administration to accelerate development in their various colonies.

“My organisation has groomed and trained more than 33 youths in film production. Other stakeholders should emulate this idea to develop the industry, “ he said.

According to him, synergy between government and stakeholders in the industry would enable movie producers to key into government policies on the transformation agenda.

He said movies were veritable tools of government and other stakeholders to initiate, canvass for support on policies and programmes of development.

The entertainer said that popularity of some films had made them media for reinforcing information aimed at promoting certain facts on nation building. (NAN)

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