Musician Rihanna to buy EPL or MLS football club

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Barbados native, , 26, is reportedly planning to buy a British soccer club.

The singer according to sources is “really serious” about setting up a academy Barbados and then becoming the chair or owner of a team England.

According to reports from femalefirst, she is getting some advice from her friend and football player Didier Drogba.

“At first we thought ’s desire to be involved soccer on a business level would soon blow over.[eap_ad_2]

“We figured she was still on a high from the .

“But ’s becoming clear she really is serious,” said a source.

“She’s talking about setting up a football academy her native Barbados.

Then her big dream is to be involved a club,” added the source.

“Britain is like a second home to her, although she’s also hinted she may do something an LA (Los Angeles) team,” said the source.[eap_ad_3]