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NCAC says it will use creative industry to assist diversify economy


ABUJA – The National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) said it would use the creative industry to assist the present administration in the country in its drive to diversify the economy.
Director-General of the council, Mrs Dayo Keshi, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.
Keshi said that ongoing Photographic Exhibition in Abuja, organised by the Ministry of Information and Culture in conjunction with National Gallery of Arts and NCAC, was in tandem with the government’s “change’’ agenda.
She said that the theme of the exhibition “Political Development of Nigeria: the Change Mantra’’ was to highlight the mission of the present government, which centred on economic diversification.
“It is also making us to work even in unfamiliar terrain to make sure that the shortfall in oil will engineer a strong economy based on the diversification into other areas.
“The creative industry definitely will be a good answer to what President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership is all about,’’ she said.
According to Keshi, the photographic exhibition is a remarkable initiative which showcases pictures of the country’s past and present political leaders.
“Pictorial exhibition has more impact; people might not take time finishing a book, but they can spend shorter time like 20 or at most 30 minutes going through history of almost a century through pictures.
“I think the pictures are very graphic; it is a good initiative by the honourable minister of information and culture.
“I hope that the public will seize the advantage of it being on till month-end to come in and go through Nigeria’s history as it is shown in pictures.
“I am also hoping that school children will be brought here in batches to go through this exhibition,’’ she said.
Keshi also said that the exhibition was not organised to showcase pictures of past and present political leaders’ but also arts and craft.
She said, “on the outside, we also have the craft exhibition; the craft exhibition is standing there representing the essence of creative industry in the development and diversification of the economy.
“The craft exhibition depicts crafts from different states in Nigeria and all of them are hand-made.
“It takes an artist a number of days, weeks and months to produce a craft, but when it comes out, it becomes a unique piece.
“This is because it is not machine-made; so, it is a way for us to showcase that this sector has a lot to offer, especially in the economic diversification of our dear country, Nigeria’’. (NAN)

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