Nehemiah Centre Advocates True National Identity To Fast Track Nigeria’s Development

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ABUJA – Speakers at the School of Government and Politics conversation series organised by the Nehemiah Apostolic Resource Centre on Friday at Wuse II, Abuja, called for a practical national identity for Nigeria, to enable the country reach her potentials.

While speaking on the event’s theme of “National Identity,” on Friday at the Nehemiah Apostolic Resource Centre in Abuja, former Special Adviser to the President on Ethics and Values and Former Presidential candidate, Dr Sara Jubril said that one of the crucial values Nigeria needs to aspire to as a national identity is righteousness and obedience to God.

Mr Godson Okoyo, former presidential candidate and former secretary of IPAC also said that Nigeria’s greatest problem is poor leadership.

He said, “we need strong political leadership, and the followers shouldn’t assume that leaders know what they are doing. The citizens should participate in the political space in order to influence leaders to do the right thing.”

According to him, only Nigerians can change Nigeria, and that change should be the responsibility of everyone.

“The most important thing any leadership can give its people is hope. The situation is currently seemingly hopeless because we haven’t chosen the right leadership that will bring that hope,” he said.

Princess Philomena Desmond, former senior special Adviser to Abia State Government and development consultant who was also part of the panel, said it is a shame that 59 years after independence, Nigerians are still talking about what their national identity is.

“Our diversity has become a curse. Our leaders at independence were not futuristic. They missed the opportunity to unite Nigeria. Rwanda’s new unity and single identity is enabling them develop, and Nigeria should learn from their strategy. It is the development of Nigeria that can give her people a National Identity. We used to be known with great education and achievements, but all that has changed now,” she said.

In fashioning a national identity, Philomena recommend the need to remove religion and tribe from official documents; implement vital recommendations from national conferences; citizens should be more engaging and involved in the political system and Nigerians should eschew negative attitudes.

Dr Polycarp Gbaja, Senior Pastor, The Strong House, Abuja also said that the identity of Nigeria, as it currently is, shouldn’t be that of corruption and underdevelopment.

He said that there is need for a critical mass that needs to move forward to change Nigeria through new and improved values.

He said, “we need to resolve the crisis of leadership, knowledge, skills and capacity, identity and worth. We need to honor and demand the dignity of one another. We need unity, responsibility, accountability. rule of law, justice, the determination and will to effect positive change.”

The School of Government and Politics according to its convener, Pastor Obii Pax-Harry is a knowledge based platform for raising kingdom influencers for the government and politics sphere.

The School of Government and Politics, she said, is a mentoring platform for men and women who will take charge and help deliver good governance in Nigeria.

“It is a platform for sharing knowledge and information, where we talk about relevant issues and look for solutions,” she said.

The event which holds frequently has hosted several top leaders and enlightened speakers who undertake the responsibility of informing and shaping younger generations to commit to making a difference in Nigeria.