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Nigeria due for female president, says APC female presidential aspirant




Abuja- Mrs Uju Ken-Ohanenye, All Progressives Congress (APC) female presidential aspirant has said that Nigeria is due for a female president that will bring in a mother’s touch to address the country`s challenges.

She said this at a news conference on Thursday in Abuja, adding that the country needed a woman in position of authority to drive her to greater heights.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ken-Ohanenye, a legal practitioner, is the only APC female presidential aspirant for the 2023 General Election.

“The touch of a woman is lacking in the governance of this country, and the earlier the men dropped their ego and admit this fact, the better for us all.

“I will take Nigeria as my child, the country wants a mother and that is why am in the race to bring in that mother’s touch that the country need at this time.

“I have no godfather, all I have is Nigerians and am not going to back out of the race because of men, for I know I have Nigerian electorate as by back bone.

“I am confident that Nigerians are tired of men being in positions of authority and they want female to take over come 2023,’’ Ken-Ohanenye said.

She added that she was ready to drive her points across to men and fight to the end as far as she had the permission of Nigerians.

She said it was time for women to be at the helm of affairs in the country, noting that men had been in control of governance for over 40 year without achieving much.

“We cannot continue that way, a woman should be given a chance, we need a mother; that is what the country had been lacking,’’ she said.

Ken-Ohanenye said if elected  president in 2023, she would give 60 per cent political appointments to women and 40 per cent to men.

This, she said, was because men had given their best which was not good enough.

The presidential aspirant promised to give the youth priority in her administration if given the mandate, adding that she would create enabling environment for businesses to flourish and skills acquisition centres for youths.

She noted that the involvement of youths in governance would go a long way in addressing restiveness banditry in the country.

“I need a chance to prove how education and how important every Nigerian is, and I cannot get that chance without all of you.

“I believe that if you are shown how important you are by getting you involved in governance, and giving you an enabling environment to achieve your dreams,

“The sky would be our limit in this country and banditry and other illegalities will gradually come to an end,’’ she said.

According to her, if all Nigerians are given equal rights and justice and everyone is recognised irrespective of religion and tribal sentiments, the country will be a better place.

Ken-Ohanenye, however, said that the starting point was for youths to get registered to enable them to vote their preferred candidates into positions of authority in the coming elections.

She charged youths not to be induced  by the stipends politicians may offer them to get their votes, saying that it was time to vote rightly.

She said there was need for all to shun selfishness and greed if the country must move forward, adding that the  2023 general election was critical as its outcome would determine the country`s future.

NAN further reports that Odua Youths Parliament, National Association of Nigerian Collages of Education Students and West African Students Union endorsed Ken-Ohanenye as their preferred 2023 presidential aspirant at the event.

Mr Abdulmageed Oyeniyi, Speaker Odua Youths Parliament said the parliament would organise a 10 million man match for Ken-Ohanenye and also contribute funds to her campaign (NAN)

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