Nigeria Needs A New Constitution – Niger Delta Congress

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The Delta Congress (NDC) has reacted to the ongoing review by the .

Presenting its to the Senator Betty Apiafi-chaired on the Review the 1999 in , the capital, the organization demanded a new for Nigeria and insisted will pave the way for economic and political autonomy for the Delta.

A statement by Ovunda Eni, the spokesperson the congress in Rivers, said the NDC, among other recommendations, called for the removal 45 items from the Exclusive Legislative list.

These include the Police, arms and ammunition, mines and minerals, and ports.

The NDC proposed a return to the derivation formula as proposed by Hicks — Philipson Commission (1951).

The also suggested that 50 percent should be for the production area, 35 percent to the state, and 15 percent to the Federal . The formula was in as October 1963.

The NDC said it noticed the “glaring unseriousness of the committee from the conduct of the committee members”.

The organization stressed that its appearance at the public hearing was to put on the stance of the Delta regarding the 1999 constitution.

“We would like to categorically state that the NDC is against the 1999 as amended and calls for a brand new constitution.

“We would also like to state that the fate of the Niger Delta is dependent on the actions or inaction of the committee, but in our hands as a people.

“The Niger Delta people do on waiting on the committee to address the existential issues affecting the people and ”, the statement added.