Nigeria@60: FCT minister preaches peace, unity

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By Salisu Sani-Idris

Whatapp NewsTelegram News


Abuja  – FCT Minister Muhammad Bello on Wednesday in Abuja called on residents to continue to work towards the unity of the country and togetherness of all citizens.

Bello, who made the call in his address to mark Nigeria at 60, stressed the need for residents to continue to strive to project those values that have kept the country together as a single entity.

The minister described the FCT as the symbol of Nigeria’s unity, adding that the burden to exemplify the symbol rests on the residents of the FCT.

“For us in the FCT, the dream of our founding fathers was to build a city that showcases our national aspirations.

“As residents, our charge is to uphold these ideals. I urge all residents to use the opportunity provided by this 60th anniversary to demonstrate acts of unity and togetherness towards our neighbours and everyone else we come in contact with.

“As our nation turns 60, we are glad to note that FCT is in its 44 years of existence. In the period, the territory has been blessed with an emergent Abuja generation.

“These are Abuja-born men and women who are today in their forties, thirties, twenties and tens.

“I therefore, charge them to own the Abuja dream and work towards the preservation of our collective heritage,” Bello said.

He also urged Abuja residents to see the occasion as an opportunity to take stock of the great strides in nation-building and march to a brighter future.

The minister said that the independence anniversary was also a moment to pay tribute to the great men and women who have made great sacrifices to bring us to where we are today.

“These include all our nationalists, leaders, statesmen and citizens.”

He particularly commended President Muhammadu Buhari, for his exemplary leadership at the time of history as an independent nation.

“President Buhari’s unique character and personality have done much to imbue hope in a greater future as well as in shaping our ethos in our transition to a brighter future.”

The minister also used the occasion to commend the health personnel, first responders and other partners, who have worked hard and made sacrifices toward checking the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic which has threatened our collective wellbeing, taken the lives of some of our loved ones, constrained our social interactions and hindered our economic progress.’

Bello said that there was no doubt that the virus was under control, however, there was need for all hands to be on deck.

The minister stressed that COVID-19 remains a very deadly disease judging from the experiences of other countries.


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