Nigerian couple in Canada wins $50m lottery

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A Canadian couple endured a roller-coaster ride emotions when a lottery ticket worth $50 million went missing only to be found and returned by someone at their church.

Hakeem Nosiru won the January 17 Lotto Max draw and was one day away from claiming the when the signed ticket, which he taped to the inside wife’ purse for safekeeping, was missing after they attended church.

That sparked a frantic search their , garbage bins being upended and their contents picked through, an effort that left Nosiru and wife — who are originally from Nigeria — empty handed and feeling ‘miserable.’

But that despair turned to joy after a fellow member of the congregation discovered the ticket and reunited them April 1 — a return made possible because Nosiru signed the ticket their address.

But the saga wasn’t over yet, as Nosiru gave the ticket to Ontario Provincial , who were investigating the matter for Ontario Lottery and Gaming to ensure there were no further snags.

Everything checked and Nosiru and wife Abiola were beaming for the cameras at the OLG prize center Monday, telling reporters they were planning travelling the world and helping their family.

Abiola Nosiru said that when she realized her husband’ winning ticket had disappeared from her purse: ‘I had a fly in my stomach and I couldn’t sleep for days.’

‘I couldn’t eat. I was devastated,’ she said.

‘We just wanted to see the reality. And the reality is right here now,’ she added, fighting back tears.

She wasn’t sure what they’ll do for the woman who ended their losing streak, but told her: ‘I just want to thank you.’ (DAILYMAIL.CO.UK)