Nigerian League clubs must meet minimum global standards – Official

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KADUNA – Vincent Akinbami, Co-ordinator, Forum for Better Organised League, on in Kaduna advised officials to appropriate measures to meet standards in running professional clubsides.

Akinbami told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) clubs needed to work in line with five guidelines by League Committee (LMC).

The Forum Co-ordinator, who is also the Media Officer of Ranchers Bees FC of Kaduna, said this would make for the league to move forward and attract huge sponsorship.

He said the league in the country presently in a comatose state due to the absence of planning and adherence to regulations.

“We talk so much about our clubs being run professionally, but we tend to think we can it right without regulations and ensuring clubs adhere to such regulations.


“We are faced with so many government-owned clubs who are not to do things professionally, and even the privately-owned clubs too are not doing anything close to being run professionally.

“It is to the league boards or committees to put structures in place which will see these clubs comply and transform into truly professional sides,’’ Akinbami said.

He welcomed the November 2014 date by the LMC for the issuance of licences to clubs which meet the criteria to participate in the league.

“The club licensing is a welcome idea, but everything depends on how the league boards prepare the clubs ahead of date.

“For example, November is around the corner, but how many of these clubs can boast of working towards the five requirements?’’ the Forum Co-ordinator said.

The five requirements include the submission of the list of club’s , financial statement, and tax clearance certificate.

The rest are list of debtors and creditors, and payroll and for and coaches.(NAN)