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Nigerian singer and songwriter QuPayne AP releases “ASPIRE”

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Nigeria’s rapper and songwriter, Solomon Okoeson Daniel best Known as QuPayne AP, has released his debut Extended Play (EP) titled ASPIRE.

The EP is a collection of some new sounds meant to fuel every hustler’s mood and give them the affirmation to keep on going to face life challenges.
Aspire EP features four tacks From the best music genre of Afrosounds to Hip-hop/Rap.

The first track features ‘New Page’, where QuPayne AP reflects on everything happening around him, and the lives of young black Africans striving to survive the system. It hasn’t been easy, but there’s so much progression unlike before, so it’s a New Page.

The second track, ‘One Day’, is dedicated to the streets regardless of the fan base. QuPayne AP encourages the world to stay focused and never let go, assuring his listeners that everything will be alright One Day.

In ‘Don’t Settle’ the third track, a soul-rap music, the musician demonstrates certain things he’s been through and how he reacted by just being focused and keeping the movement. He tells his fans not to settle down untill they achieve more success by hustling hard. 

In the fourth track, ‘Work, Must Chop’, he rejoices on his breakthrough and reassures those who are yet to make their breakthrough to keep pushing.

Qupayne AP might be new in the game, but he surely speaks the truths as much as necessary.

Released on 23 August 2022, the music was produced by Autoclaves and Empirebeats.
It was published and distributed by De Thrills Music, Dittomusic and Tunecore Publishing.