Nigerians hail seizure of Lamido Sanusi’s passport by SSS

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The tide seems to have turned against former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi as feelers on media indicate that many Nigerians are agreement with his recent treatment by security agencies the country.

Sanusi was prevented from traveling of the country to France enroute Mecca to perform the lesser Hajj. Agents of the State Security Service seized his passport despite a court order obtained by Sanusi preventing and its security agencies from infringing on his right to movement. The SSS refused to back down citing from the Villa.

Several sources have begun to identify Mallam Sanusi Lamido as a sponsor of terror the country, the latest being former Minister of , Femi Fani Kayode, who did not directly name the ousted CBN Governor, but alluded to the a write up published several publications today entitled, ‘The Haramites of Boko.’

On Nigeria’s most popular discussion website, Nairaland, many Nigerians reacted to news of the grounding of Mallam Sanusi Lamido and reaction was as to when he was praised as a courageous whistleblower for exposing the $20 billion scam the NNPC.

Here are some of the reactions culled from Nairaland:

A user with the moniker, Gboliwe said, “Good! News has that this man relishes in the death and blood shed of the common man. He is a fanatic and is named as a covert sponsor of BH. Let him remain here and pray to Allah. He is an Omnipresent God. He hears from everywhere.”

Another user going by the name Validated said, “Where is he running to? Guy sit here and clear the mess you created.”

Gramci said, “He should be investigated, from the role he played in Gideon Akaluka’s saga to his Islamic study in Sudan the same period Osama Bin Laden was recruiting jihadist in Sudan (can’t be coincidence) to his relationship with the Muttallab’s family, whose son is the day underwear bomber to his reckless donations to groups as CBN governor under the guise of Corporate Responsibility.”

One Jakiedudu said, “To HELL with the court order!This man must NEVER be allowed to leave the shores of this country. Infact they should man boarders 24/7 should he try to escape through them. Must be thoroughly investigated and when found quilty face the wrath of law!!”

Ignis said, “Nice move from the presidency… Sanusi to go and flex part of the stolen abroad after causing havoc herein the country.”

No formal charges of treason, terror financing and/or any other similar charges have been filed against the former CBN Governor and Kano prince by as at press time.