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Nigerians React As Twitter Deletes Buhari’s ‘Threat’ Tweet Against South East

Nigerians have hailed Twitter for deleting President Muhammadu Buhari’s civil war tweet.

This comes after Nigerians accused him of threatening genocide against the people of Igbo-dominated South-East in the tweet.

Nigerians didn’t waste time in reporting the tweet forcing Twitter to delete it.

Some have also demanded for the suspension of the Buhari’s account for saying ‘individuals or groups who wants to destroy his government will receive the shock of their lives.

He had said they will be treated in a language they will not understand.

However, on Wednesday Twitter deleted the comment, saying it violated its rules.

Reacting, Nigerians said Buhari’s threat should not be taken for granted.

Here are some comments DAILY POST gathered on Twitter.

@renoomokri, ” I commend @Twitter for deleting @MBuhari’s tweet threatening Civil War 2 on Nigeria’s SE. It was a most irresponsible tweet and Nigerians are grateful to @Jack for taking that action. But please do not stop there. Delete his account. Buhari is a menace to the world.”

@AbdulKadiirrrr, ”Good. However, we must not take his statement in those tweets for granted. Buhari is an anarchist.”

@drpenking, ”Our brave general who is surprisingly afraid of comment section has to understand that this is not 1960 where you could dish out threats and everyone would tremble and stomach it. This is 2021, one more and you will be suspended.”

@chifez4u, ”Twitter deleted Buhari’s tweet, this is why you can’t blame jack for choosing Ghana as Africa’s HQ over Nigeria,at the very least they can operate freely without external pressures from the government.”

@dondekojo, ”See why Twitter couldn’t open their office here? A combined team of EFCC, DSS, NDLEA, NCDC, FRSC, NPF for raid them.”

@IamTheBrightest, ”So Twitter deletes Buhari’s ‘war tweet’, imagine if Twitter was in Nigeria, by now stern-looking soldiers armed-to-the-teeth would have sealed off Twitter office building. Twitter was not foolish for choosing Ghana.”

@WhiteAmadasun, ”Anything else than an outright ban on PMB’s Twitter handle is unacceptable to right thinking and well-meaning Nigerians. He deserves more than Donald Trump’s treatment please.”

@Ibnbazo, ”Deleting the tweet doesn’t matter as long as the message has hit those it meant for harder.”

@Course_Adviser, ”You can delete a tweet but can you delete someone’s ideology?What Buhari’s team posted is there Ideology. You can delete the post but can’t stop him from. Working towards the goal. He has already deployed the military to the east for the mission. There is internet and there is reality.”

@AimThaMachine_, ”If Twitter had put up their HQ in Nigeria, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina and Rauf Aregbesola will storm Twitter HQ in Abuja to either fine them or lock it down.”