Obi cautions against advert placement on his birthday

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AWKA – The immediate past governor of State, Mr Peter Obi, has called on Nigerians not to place adverts for him the media as he turns 53 on July 19.

Obi made the call when he spoke newsmen Awka on Monday. He said the current situation Nigeria calls for sacrifice by all rather engaging what he called “epicurean indulgence” whether under the pretence of celebrating birthdays or other unnecessary occasions. “When I look around, I notice that Nigerians celebrate for the wrong reasons. As the governor of , I celebrated excellence, not birthdays and related events that do not add value to our lives. “Today, when you look around, you see Nigerians going to for medical treatment but if you relate to the people, you will see that some Nigerians do not even have money to visit ordinary patent medicine dealers. “We have a lot of poor people around us and I tried as much as I can to touch such lives, whether as a governor or not. “As I am about to turn 53, may I appeal to Nigerians most of whom have already informed me of their intention to place adverts for me that I do not that.

[eap_ad_1] “I am happier if they utilise the money for adverts helping the poor among us and rebuilding schools their communities,” Obi said. When reporters asked him what he would do on July 19 his birthday, Obi said: “ would be a day of reflection. “A day I will ask how much of what God has blessed me I have deployed to advance the cause of humanity. “All I from Nigerians, including journalists that day is to pray for me for God to grant us all, especially , the wisdom to lead his people aright.’’ Obi, who looked happy and fulfilled, said he used the better part of his time trying to raise money from organisations to assist the church to institute micro-credit scheme for the poor through grants to bishops for loan revolving scheme. He said: “So far, I have raised over N25 million and have also disbursed same to some Catholic, Anglican and Methodist Dioceses the state. “I will even double my efforts because such gestures guarantee us genuine happiness,” he said. (NAN)