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Parkland Shooting and America’s Ritual Killings


By Ken Tadaferua

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) I think Americans’ romanticization of guns severely dwarfs their respect for the sanctity of human life. The huge profits from selling guns is more important than loss of human lives from gun violence.

Massacre after massacre with guns, Americans go through the usual mourning rituals: light candles, weep, pray and bury the victims of the mass shootings. Then they return home to their arsenal of automatic weapons, polish them, go shooting on ranges, buy more guns and ammo until the next massacre and empty rituals of mourning the dead.

Even their president, Donald Trump in addressing the nation on the latest killing of 17 people by a loony 19 year old man, did not make a single, not one, mention of guns. His political support base, the National Rifle Association, white supremacists and Pentecostal Christians are silent in the wake of the tragedy. Indeed the NRI, which spends billions to lobby and fund the election of politicians have garnered awesome support against gun control citing constitutional right of citizens to own guns. But business and profit are the driving forces.

So the bizarre bloody cycle of mass shooting will continue. The latest victims will be mourned and buried. Then America awaits the next massacre, which will happen. Then the next, then the next and then the next.

But in all the mourning, gun control will remain the debate of the deaf and dumb. Sometimes you wonder if Americans are normal.

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