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Patent Right: Call Chen Xiao Meng to order – Businessman to Law enforcement agents


Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Managing Director of NIGSHINE INDUSTRY LTD, Ugochukwu Madumene has raised the alarm over plans by the Managing Director of GAOXI ONG, Chen Xiao Meng to used some Nigerian security agents to surbvert court orders.

Mr. Madumere said that there is incontrovertible evidence that Meng has perfected plans to go with some security officers to brake into a warehouse and to carte away with goods seized by the court pending the determination of the case.

He recounted that Mr Meng and Gaoxi Ong took his company to court sometimes in 2014 over patent rights of a particular goods they trade on. And after some time he (Mr Meng disappeared when he sensed that the case was not in his favour and only to re-apear recently in the same matter he abandoned some years ago.

According to him an appeal court ordered that the goods in Mr Meng’s warehouse belong to his company NIGSHINE INDUSTRY LTD, saying that they owned the patent rights of the said goods.

“The appeal was entered and the record was transmitted at the court of appeal on July 2022 that the goods in Mr Chen warehouse in Lagos should be transfer to my company and after we started carrying out the court order he (Mr Chen) the police went to court and seek for an injunction to enable them investigation further on the case which court granted exparte application of three months.

“But, to our surprise, Mr Chen in collaboration with the law enforcement agency is interested in tampering with the subject matter of appeal despite being aware of the date for hearing. (March 9 2023)

However, Madumere said, the police is aware of the fact that defendant is accused of forgery, and there is warrant of arrest against him having purportedly forged a document of Trade-mark belonging to my company and was formally charged in Lagos state Magistrate court for same Offence .

Therefore, we are calling on security operstives to be weary of Mr Chen and also note that any attempt to apply self help on a matter before the court in dusregard to the proceeding of the apellate court will attract contempt Charges.

It will be recalled that the Nigeria court has step up it operation and has no regards for whosoever, adding that recently the Inspector General of Police was sentenced to prison for contempt

Meanwhile, the case is being investigated by Anti-Fraud Force CIID Area 10 Abuja.

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