Pathologist urges govt to restrict title of Consultant to doctors in govt hospitals

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pathologist, Dr Dayo Faduyile, – A pathologist, Dr Dayo Faduyile, said Thursday that consultancy titles should be restricted to medical doctors working government-owned hospitals.

Faduyile, who is immediate past Chairman, Medical (NMA), chapter, gave advice an interview with News Agency of (NAN).

lay man’s term, anybody can be consultant. can choose you as consultant press issue or journalism and a pharmacist can be a consultant for health in any institution.

“A consultant is a person who has the decision a patient; we cannot afford to have more one way of giving direction.

“In a hospital setting, the word consultant means the bond between that patient and the physician who is taking care of him or her.

“So, pharmacists can take the title of consultant outside.

“Where we have had consultant pharmacists and consultant nurses, they are not hospital-based.


“They are in offices – maybe people’s home, mental homes, and in other places where doctors do not necessarily need to go on a day-to-day basis.

“But up till , there is place that support staff members are being made consultants in hospital settings.“

One of the demands made by NMA members before they embarked on an indefinite strike on July 1, was for the government not to allow other health workers other medical doctors to append the title `consultant` to their names.

The in a 24-point letter also urged the government to discontinue the recognition of non-medical doctors as Chief Medical Directors of university teaching hospitals in the country. (NAN)