Political interest, unemployment as highest cause of terrorism in Nigeria

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According to a recent survey result released by NOIPolls Limited, a leading firm in country -specific polling services in West Africa, which works in technical partnership with the Gallup Organisation (USA), Nigerians consider political interest (election issues) and unemployment as major causes of terrorism in Nigeria.

The Special Edition Security Snap Poll conducted in the week of July 21st 2014, showed that political interest as contributing up to 26percent of terrorism with unemployment contributing 21percent. These were followed by bad government/leadership (10percent) and poverty (8percent).

More findings revealed that almost all the respondents (99percent) are aware of the recent activities of terrorist groups; as well as aware of the abduction of 200 Chibok school girls in Borno State (98percent).

Also, 46percent of the respondents are of the opinion that government and security agencies are not doing enough to rescue the abducted girls; while 54percent believe they are doing enough. [eap_ad_2] The result further revealed that 66percent of the respondents believe that the abduction of the girls can potentially hinder girl-child education, especially in the North-East region.

However, majority of the respondents suggested that for terrorism to be tackled in Nigeria, government should beef up security across the country, create more jobs, while calling on every Nigerian to pray for God’s intervention.

As a way of contributing towards addressing the poor security situation in the country, the NOIPolls survey was aimed at seeking the opinion of Nigerians regarding the activities of terrorist organisations and the possible root causes with a view to proffer solution to the problem.[eap_ad_3]