PSquare manager Jude Okoye confirms fiancee is pregnant

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A few weeks ago, news broke out Jude Okoye and his fiancee, Ifeoma Umeokeke were expecting a baby.

However, the couple chose to keep mum.

The renowned manager of PSquare entertainment group has confirmed the news on Instagram.

He shared a photo of himself and Ifeoma as well as a message to his unborn children.[eap_ad_2]

“My dear future Children, look at your mum and take all you need from her looks. Don’t much attention to my face o’ especially my nose. Because if you do, oh well, ask ‘Kermit’ the tea drinking frog, ” he wrote.

Many of his followers responded to the post with congratulatory and safe delivery messages.

Jude and his Ifeoma Umeokeke will be getting married this weekend, July 17.[eap_ad_3]