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Ramadan: Abuja park, garden managers lament low patronage


ABUJA – Managers at the different Parks and Gardens in the Federal Capital Territory have expressed sadness over low patronage by fun seekers ascribing it to the Ramadan period.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondents who visited some of the parks and gardens in the FCT reported that most of the gardens were deserted by fun seekers in the course of the fasting period.

Mr Abdulateef Olaosebikan, Head, Programme and Events Department, FCTA, said that the number of people visiting parks and gardens in the city had dropped drastically because of the Ramadan fasting period being observed by Muslims.

Olaosebikan who is also a manager at the Jabi lake garden spoke of the need for Nigerians to visit parks to relax more frequently with members of their families regardless of fasting.

He, however, said that as a result of insecurity the Jabi park now experienced little influx of people at the weekend, and that the bomb blast in the FCT had also contributed to the dwindling fortune of the parks.

“ From all indications, the patronage has reduced drastically as a result of the ongoing fasting.

“It is only at the weekend that we experience a large turnout of people into the park but this has also reduced.

“ We are hoping that patronage will improve after the fasting.

“ Another cause is the current insurgency we are going through in the country. Most Nigerians are scared of coming out to relax because we do not know the next target,’’ he said. [eap_ad_2] According to him, the park receives about 1,000 people on daily basis but this has changed since the fasting started.

“ We now receive about 500 people in the park but we hope that it will improve.’’

Mr Emmanuel Yaro, supervisor, Millennium Park said that relaxation of the minds and body should not be hindered by anything.

“ Nigeria has come of age and Nigerians should begin to learn how to appreciate the country’s cultural heritage by visiting the tourist sites.

Yaro, however, called for support from the Federal Government in promoting the country’s cultural heritage.

Mrs Halima Mohammed, a parent also expressed sadness over the low patronage of parks and gardens in the nation’s capital, attributing it to the holy month of Ramadan.

“ This period is the holy month and we are supposed to be pure in heart by being in the worship place communing with God.

“Visiting parks distracts the attentions of worshipers God, but it is believed that after the fasting more people will come out to relax,’’ she said.

However, when asked about coming out to relax after breaking the fasting, Mohammed said that the weak and tired body system needded serious rest after a long day of fasting.

“This explains why people are not relaxing.

“ You break the fast with little food and the body is always weak which prevent people from going out to relax’’. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]

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